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Rays Join the Race For Victor Martinez

According to John Heyman of the Tampa Bay Rays have joined the Red Sox in the pursuit of Indians all-star Victor Martinez.

The Rays have certainly been busy the last few days. As we reported earlier today the Rays also have been in discussions with the Indians for left-hander Cliff Lee.

Prior to the Rays entering the race it was believed that the Red Sox were the only contenders for Martinez, however, the Red Sox don't seem to want to part with Clay Buchholz, which probably will prevent them from getting Martinez.

The Rays have their own version of Clay Buchholz in right-hander Wade Davis, but all indications are the Rays are equally resistant about parting ways with Davis. However, the Rays do have several other prospects including Jeff Niemann and Jeremy Hellickson who they might be able to get the Indians excited about.

Last year it was reported that the Rays turned down a deal to send Davis to the Pirates for outfielder Jason Bay, and ultimately Bay went on to the Red Sox. It looks like it may come down to the same thing this year, but this time it's probably going to be a matter of who's willing to give up the young pitcher.

My guess is the Rays give up Davis before the Red Sox give up Buchholz.