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Sleeper Team Emerges For Roy Halladay

General consensus around baseball is that Roy Halladay is a perfect fit for the Phillies, and many experts from Buster Olney to Peter Gammons all feel if Halladay goes anywhere, he's going to go to the Phillies.

However, John Heyman of says, don't count out the Milwaukee Brewers. Ultimately, the Brewers may be the sleeper team under the rug, much like they were last year when they acquired CC Sabathia.

Furthermore, Heyman said.

  • Top Brewers executives Gord Ash and Dick Groch scouted Halladay in his last start.
  • Milwaukee could build a package around young left-hander Manny Parra.
  • One competing executive said, "Doug Melvin is a very good GM, he could pull something off like this," however, another competing executive said, " I don't think Melvin will do it. He gave up two top ten prospects last year."
  • One competing GM said, "They definitely have the prospects to do it."
  • Melvin has said prior that he believes Mat Gamel and Alcides Escobar are very close to being "untouchable", but it's likely they would have to give up at least one for Halladay.
  • Halladay does have a no-trade clause, but he has indicated winning is most important. Still unknown if he would approve a trade to the Brewers.
  • One drawback to Milwaukee is the team trains in Arizona, and Halladay spends his offseason in Florida.