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Matt Holliday Trade Reactions


  • Erik Manning at Fangraphs thinks this was a lopsided deal in the A's favor because of the relative value they received in prospects in return for a couple months of Matt Holliday.
  • At the Yahoo sports blog Big League Stew 'Duk concludes that the trade was a win for both sides but the A's got a slightly better deal.
  • Keith Law feels the same, believing that Holliday will help the Cardinals in their playoff push and give the A's some prospects to help their team in the future.
  • Over at Beyond the Boxscore Erik feels that the Cardinals gave up way too much for a two month rental. Erik concludes that Matt Holliday is worth around $13.5 million in value but the Cardinals gave up around $28 million in value to acquire him.
  • DanUpBaby at Viva El Birdos thinks the trade doesn't make much sense for the Cardinals. However, he notes that it does make the team better this year and this means now is the time for them to win.
  • Blez at Athletics Nation think this was a great deal for the A's and is excited to see what Brett Wallace can do for the A's. He notes that Wallace is a much better fit in terms of peaking at the same time many of the other young A's will be peaking.
  • John Sickels of Minor League Ball thinks that the deal should be nice for both teams in the short run but over the long-haul it will eventually tilt in favor of the A's.