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Reds, Blue Jays Discuss Deal For Rolen

John Paul Morosi of, reports that the Blue Jays and Red have had discussions about a deal that would send Jay's third baseman Scott Rolen to Cincinnati.

However, Morosi notes that there are several roadblocks that could potentially prevent this deal from happening.

I. The Jays "top priority" right now is Roy Halladay. Discussions for Rolen will certainly be on the back burner until the Jays get the Halladay situation settled.

II. The Reds may need to clear cap space in order to take on Rolen, they may consider dealing Aaron Harang or Bronson Arroyo to free up available money to sign Rolen.

Up until today all indications are that the Reds were going to be sellers, and that still may very well be the case. Sources in the story indicate that any deal to acquire Rolen most likely would be the first step to rebuilding next year. Rolen's contract runs through 2010, and his past experience with GM Walt Jocketty is very positive. Rolen won a World Series in 2006 while playing for Jocketty in St. Louis.

Rolen is having his best year since 2006. This year Rolen is batting .316 with seven homers and 37 RBI's.

On the surface it seems like a strange deal for the Reds, considering the payroll addition, but Rolen is still a very solid player, who continues to play above average defense. If Jocketty could get Rolen for a reasonable price it may be a worth the risk. Worst case Rolen doesn't pan out, and the Reds can let him go after next year. I guess the obvious statement is that the value of this deal will solely be based on what the Reds give up.