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Gammons: Teams Reluctant to Part With Prospects

Peter Gammons of delivers a good column today with a lot of good information. Lets get right into it. Here's a snapshot.

  • Gammons said it would take a "gaggle" of prospects to get Roy Halladay, Victor Martinez and even Zach Duke. Teams just don't seem to want to part with top prospects.
  • Many small-market teams think big-market teams "overvalue" prospects.
  • Tony LaRussa was able to convince Cardinals ownership to trade for Matt Holliday. Apparently LaRussa knew the Cardinals were getting hosed in the deal, but he believed the team had to try and win now.
  • The Yankees approached the Blue Jays about Roy Halladay, and they were told the package would be Phil Hughes, Jesus Montero and Austin Jackson. No chance they make that deal, especially after Hughes recent performance.
  • Red Sox GM Theo Epstein wont trade Clay Buchholz. Epstein views Buchholz as a front-end rotation guy, and given the age of his pitching staff, and the fact that he's got Buchholz locked up for about six years, there's no reason to move him.
  • Dodgers GM Ned Coletti feels the same way about left-hander Clayton Kershaw; no shot he's moving either.
  • If the Mariners elect to move Erik Bedard they'll never be able to recoup what they gave up for him.
  • Cincinnati wants to move a few contracts, possibly Aaron Harang and Bronson Arroyo.
  • Read this paragraph. Adolf Selig at it again.

The advantage that the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels and Dodgers have is that they can restock their organizations, either by spending in the international market or going over slot to sign draft choices. If you are the Royals, not only are your revenues light, but the commissioner's office has threatened to take away your 2012 All-Star Game if you go ahead with the agreements you have in place with two high picks.

  • The Rays poor attendance is affecting their ability to make moves. Low revenues likely would prevent the Rays from making a deal to acquire Victor Martinez due to the fact that they wouldn't be able to take on his $7 million contract. However, the Rays could consider trading Scott Kazmir to free up space, but it appears most teams don't value Kazmir as much as they did two years ago.
  • Teams looking to sell relievers are finding the offer very light.

That's about all from Gammons for today. As always he provides us with a lot of information to take in.