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Giants Looking at Indians Victor Martinez and Ryan Garko

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Indians have been heavily scouting the Giants farm system, which could indicate the possibility the teams are discussing a deal for 1B/C Victor Martinez and/or Ryan Garko

Following a dismal 10 game stretch in which the Giants went 3-7, it has become apparent that the Giants are going to need another bat in order to remain in contention. The Giants currently have the second fewest amount of runs scored in the National League only surpassing the last place Padres.

"We're talking," manager Bruce Bochy said. "I'll talk to Brian. I'll discuss it with the staff on the plane on the way back and see what we can do to get this thing going again."

However, in order for the Giants to get Martinez they would probably have to part with one of their top prospects, which include Buster Posey, Madison Bumgarner or Tim Alderson, and there is just no chance of that happening. I would think Garko would be a much more realistic options for the Giants, and according to the Chronicle the Giants have scouted Garko earlier this season.

Garko, the Indians current starting first baseman is hitting .285 with 11 homers and 39 RBI's. He would be a considerable upgrade over the Giants current group of first baseman, which include John Bowker (.154/.200/.250) and Travis Ishikawa (.269/.318/.411). Garko is signed for near the league minimum this year or $446,100 to be exact and is arbitration eligible from 2010-2012, which should make him a rather attractive option for the Giants.