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Yankees, Reds Working On Trade For Bronson Arroyo

The Yankees and Reds are seriously discussing a Bronson Arroyo trade, this according to Jeff Fletcher of AOL FanHouse.

A source in the story indicates that the deal may be hinging on how much of Arroyo's contract the Reds are willing to eat, which equates to roughly $4 million. Additionally, Arroyo is due $11 million in 2010 and $11 million in 2011, which contains a $2 million buyout.

Arroyo, 32, has been very inconsistent for the Reds this year posting a 10-9 record with a 5.21 ERA.

Furthermore, Fletcher said, Reds top officials met via conference call this morning and according to one MLB source they were "close to a deal." Subsequently, Arroyo has been removed from the Reds starting pitcher for Tuesday.

Ultimately, I have trouble understanding how this deal makes sense for the Yankees. I understand they're looking to add depth in the rotation, but Bronson Arroyo?

Arroyo, statistically speaking would probably be a train wreck for the Yankees. His numbers are well above average (in a bad way) in almost every advanced pitching statistic. Arroyo has allowed roughly 1.59 HR/9, which is considerably higher than the league average 1.03 (understandably he's in a bad pitchers park now). I wonder what would happen to that number in Yankee Stadium.  That's not even mentioning the money, which is for a whole different day.

I understand he does have experience pitching in the AL East during his time with the Red Sox, but that does nothing for the Yankees. The Yankees would be better off making an offer for Jarrod Washburn and having it rejected than they would accepting a trade offer for Bronson Arroyo.