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Jack Wilson Traded To Seattle In Seven-Player Deal

A trade has just been completed between the Pirates and Mariners in which seven players were dealt, and among those are Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson and starter Ian Snell.

Here is the breakdown

Mariners receive:

SS- Jack Wilson

RHP- Ian Snell

Pirates Receive:

C- Jeff Clement

SS- Ronny Cedeno

RHP- Aaron Pribanic

RHP- Bret Lorin

RHP- Nathan Adcock

Quick take: Nice deal for the Mariners who pick up a quality shortstop in Jack Wilson. They don't give away any real major prospects, and Cedeno can't hit a lick, so I don't imagine he'll be missed. Bigger question is does this deal affect the Jarrod Washburn trade rumors? Looks like the Mariners may be going for it after all, if that's the case I cant see them dealing Washburn, but who knows.