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Scott Boras Threatening To Send Stephen Strasburg to Japan?

He's at it again.

According to a report in the Washington Post, "super agent" Scott Boras, is considering the possibility of having Stephen Strasburg sign a contract in Japan.

It's unlikely that this would ever happen, but it's expected that Boras is using this option as leverage to try and obtain the $50 million asking price from the Nationals.

I don't even know what to say about Scott Boras anymore. He's insane maybe, but somehow he manages to make these little ploys work time and time again.

Here is what Boras had to say.

"If a [contract agreement] does not happen, obviously you then look to all the available resources that one would have to evaluate what the next step is, whether it's to re-enter the draft, or alternative choices."

Here is Rob Manfred, MLB's executive VP for labor relation's response to Boras.

"Our view is simple: Until [Strasburg] signs a professional contract within our system, he is eligible for our draft and remains subject to our draft, He can play wherever he wants. But if he doesn't sign with Washington, he goes back into the draft, and if he doesn't sign with that team [in 2010], he goes back in again."

This is not the first time Boras has played this game. Back in 1997 he tried a similar thing with J.D. Drew, where he threatened to send him to Costa Rica.

In the end this option sounds far too crazy, even for Boras, but I get what he's doing. He's trying to tell the Nationals if you don't pay, I have someone who will.

I still expect Strasburg to sign with the Nats eventually. I mean what's really their alternative. Could you imagine being the head of Public Relations for the Nationals and trying to sell that to the fans'?