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Rockies Looking To Add Another Left-Handed Reliever

According to Tracy Ringolsby of, the Colorado Rockies may be prepping for another move, and it's believed they're looking to acquire another reliever.

Ringolsby mentions that the team is looking for another left-handed reliever to compliment Franklin Morales, and Orioles Left-hander Mark Hendrickson is high on their list.

Hendrickson, 35, went 1-4 with a 6.35 ERA as a starter this season, but is 4-0 with a 2.94 ERA as a reliever.

In an effort to further improve their bullpen this trade season, the Rockies have already acquired right-hander Rafael Betancourt from the Indians.

Hendrickson is only owed about $500,000 the rest of the season, so for a team that's not looking to add much payroll, he might be a perfect fit.

It's believed the Rockies were also targeting the Nationals Joe Beimel and the Pirates John Grabow, but it both cases the teams demanded Double-A second baseman Eric Young Jr. The Rockies have no intent on trading Young, so ultimately, they may have to settle for Hendrickson.