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Roy Halladay To Rangers All But Dead

Any deal sending Roy Halladay to the Rangers appears to be dead, this according to John Heyman of

Last night it was reported that the Rangers and Jays were having extensive talks about a deal for Roy Halladay, and while it appears the teams did come close, no deal is on the horizion.

It's believed the teams were discussing top young pitching prospect Derek Holland and top hitting prospect Justin Smoak in various packages.

Furthermore, it's believed that the Rangers were trying to get the Jays to pay a portion of Halladay's contract for this season. No word on what broke the deal down, but as of last night the Rangers were believed to be serious about taking on most of Halladay's contract, which likely means it was haul of prospects in return that broke the deal down.

The Rangers are just the latest team to fall victim of J.P. Ricciardi's rath. The teams believed to still have a chance at Halladay are the Red Sox, Yankees and Angels, but as of now it looks like Halladay may be a Jay for at least the remainder of this season.