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Tigers May Lack Prospects To Make Impact Deal

According to Ken Rosenthal and John Paul Morosi of, the Tigers are continuing to work the phones, with the hopes of adding another player, but the team may lack the necessary prospects to making anything happen.

The duo notes that the Tigers continued to talk to the Mariners about Jarrod Washburn late last night, but the sides aren't optimistic a deal will get done.

One area the Tigers are clearly lacking is the ability to provide any top notch position player prospects, however, the Tigers do have some good pitching prospects, but up to this point GM Dave Dombrowski has been unwilling to deal any of them.

Here is a look at what John Sickels of Minor League Ball thinks of the Tigers minor league system, which is just about right in line with this thinking.

Sickels: "The Tigers have a weird system: they have one impact talent (Porcello), then a whole slew of power bullpen arms. Their position players are either future role players, or "future regulars" who are (in my opinion) dramatically overrated by other sources."