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Update: Red Sox Working Parallel Deals

Some details of what Theo Epstein is up to this morning are emerging. Jayson Stark is reporting that the Sox and the Indians are working on a three-way deal that would send Victor Martinez to Boston, Clay Buchholz to Cleveland and prospects "flying in all directions."

The Red Sox would then try to move newly acquired first baseman Adam LaRoche to a third team.

The Red Sox have spent several days working on parallel deals with Toronto for Roy Halladay, San Diego for first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and Cleveland for Martinez, but there were indications late Thursday and early Friday that they were making little or no headway with Toronto and San Diego, and that they were having trouble making the pieces fit with Cleveland.

A source says they would only need the third team if they were able to get Gonzalez. The price for Gonzalez and Halladay is still so high that reports suggest Epstein is focusing on Martinez. Another official said LaRoche would need to be moved if the Sox got  Martinez or Gonzalez because there would be no need for him.

Stark reports that the Sox are not alone in their quest for Martinez. Tampa Bay is also talking to the Indians and while money is tight there, they could make it work through subtraction over the winter.  The Indians have had scouts watching the Ray's Tripe-A Durham team all week.