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Roy Halladay Staying Put?

With minutes to go before the deadline, it looks and sounds like Blue Jays ace Roy Halladay will remain in Toronto.  Earlier in the week, it appeared that a few teams, like the Phillies, Rangers and Dodgers were in serious pursuit and willing to pay a big price but GM JP Ricciardi said, and apparently meant, that he would only part with him for a blockbuster return.

As we all know, the Phillies and Dodgers made other moves, acquiring respectively, Cleveland's Cliff Bell and O's George Sherrill. Texas and to a lesser extent, the Red Sox have tried to come up with a pleasing package, to no avail.

I guess what I'm getting at is that for these contending teams, having a guy like Halladay for the next two seasons and post seasons might have been a shot worth taking. Prospects like Kyle Drabek and Co. may be a star down the road but he's not going to win a World Series for anybody this year or next.  Halladay could have.