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Defecting Cuban Pitcher Headed to Yankees?

Cuba's #1 pitching prospect, Aroldis Chapman, who reportedly throws a 100 mph fastball has defected in Rotterdam, Netherlands during a tournament. The New York Times is  reporting that the Yankees are contemplating whether to try to sign him. Chapman's age has been reported as somewhere between 21 and 26, not an unusual bit of reportage where Latin American players are concerned. If Chapman seeks asylum in the United States, he would be the most important prospect to do so since Jose Contreras in 2002.

While Chapman's whereabouts are currently unknown, his defection appears to have been planned in advance.  He left his hotel in Rotterdam with no luggage and he told  the Spanish-language web site, "I wanted to test myself at the highest levels of basball." Sources are reporting that he is expected to arrive, or may already have arrived in Miami, further evidence that his goal is to play in the U.S.