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Twins Sign 16 year-old German Outfielder Max Kepler

As reported by Baseball America.

Scouting Europe is nothing new for the Twins. Their latest addition is 16-year-old German outfielder Max Kepler, who several scouts have said is the best European prospect to come along in years.

The exact bonus isn't known, but there is talk that Kepler's bonus could be the highest in European history, which is believed to be the $800,000 the Twins gave lefthander Alexander Smit from the Netherlands in 2002. Kepler has a San Francisco-based agent, Paul Cobbe of Sosnick-Cobbe Sports.

Kepler, who is 6-foot-4, 180 pounds, has been attending a private school and training at an academy in Regensburg, Germany. One scout said Kepler could have five average or better tools in the future.

"Kepler is the toolsiest kid we've ever had in Europe," said the scout. "No question."

Apparently Kepler is going to be the third German player to play for the Twins organization after the pitchers Tim Henkenjohann and Rodney Gessmann.

According to Baseball America the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets and the Cincinnati Reds also showed interest.