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Could Milton Bradley to Tigers Work?

With the benching of Tigers outfielder Magglio Ordonez, rumors are swirling around Detroit that the Tigers may try to move the once All-Star outfielder.

The benching of Ordonez is so controversial because Ordonez has two very expensive options for 2010 and 2011 that kick in if he starts 135 games in 2009 or collects 540 plate appearances. The 2011 option for 15 million dollars kicks in if Ordonez starts 135 games or collects 270 starts between 2009-2010.

If the Tigers were to take a large portion of his salary, they could potentially work out a deal for controversial Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley, who is in the first year of his three year, thirty-million dollar deal. Bradley has been under a microscope since signing with the Cubs, and you could say that has impacted his performance as he is hitting a disappointing .244 with 6 home runs in 63 games this season.

A change a scenery could benefit both players. However, the Cubs cannot and will not take on any extra payroll, so a straight swap of cash would be the only way I could see this deal happening.