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Derek Jeter to play another position for the Yankees?

Its long been speculated that at some point in his career, Yankee captin Derek Jeter may have to make the transformation to another position, much the same way Cal Ripken did some time ago.

When and if in fact this will ever happen, who knows, but Jeter doesn't seem to want to think about the idea.

Recently Jeter sat down for a one-on-one interview with the NY Posts Steve Serby to talk about that subject, among others.

It's sort of an interesting interview that covers everything from playing another position, to what it means to be a Yankee, to LeBron James. Jeter has always been a fascinating player, he's one of the most popular players in the game, but still seems to be relatively unknown. Contrary to his teammate Alex Rodriguez, Jeter has managed to steer away from the public eye and maintain his crystal clear image.

On the day Derek Jeter was named the top vote getter for the American League all-star team(4,851,899 votes) I figured we would take a deeper look into the life of Derek Jeter.

Here are a few tidbits of some of the material included.

Q: Can you envision yourself playing another position for the Yankees than shortstop?

A: Can I envision? No.

Q: What if they asked you?

A: You're speaking in all hypotheticals.

Q: I know.

A: I can't answer that question.

Q: Anyway, I was listening to radio, and they were talking about maybe . . .

A: I don't listen to the radio, so . . . wherever you're going with that question, I don't even want to hear it.

Q: But your last day as a Yankee, whenever that will be, you want to be at shortstop.

A: You asked me, "Can I envision myself playing another position?' My answer to that question is no, I can't envision it," so . . .

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