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Phillies Send Scouts to Look at Mariners Bedard

According to a report in the News Journal, the Philadelphia Phillies might be interested in Mariners left-hander Erik Bedard.

Beddard is scheduled to start Tuesday against the Orioles at Safeco Field. He has been on the disabled list since June 7 with a shoulder problem, but the Phillies will dispatch scouts to most of his starts before the July 31 trade deadline to determine if he's healthy.

Seems the Phillies scouts are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to looking for pitching. Yesterday several reports surfaced that the Phillies were scouting Pedro Martinez, although it doesn't sound like manager Charlie Manuel wants anything to do with that. However, Bedard could be a perfect match for the Phillies, when healthy he still has plus stuff and pairing him with Cole Hamels back-to-back could give the Phillies a dynamic lefty combo. Bedard is scheulded to be a free agent after this season and most likely he wont resign with the Mariners. Philadelphia could be a place for Bedard to sign long-term. Granted Citizen's Bank park is not a pitchers park, but the Phillies are a contender ever year, and after spending several years with the Orioles in Mariners I have to imagine that has some appeal for Bedard.

If Bedard can show he's healthy expect several teams to jump into the mix, after giving up Adam Jones to acquire him its imperative that the Mariners get something in return for him. However, with the Mariners still somewhat in contention it creates a tricky spot for them. They don't want to give the appearance of sellers to the fans, but trust me if they can move Bedard for a good prospect they will. This probably won't develop for a few weeks as teams wait out and see what his injury situation is, but if he looks healthy I think he definitely moves.

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