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Nomar Garciaparra Returns to Fenway, Receives Hero's Welcome



Oakland infielder Nomar Garciaparra made his return to Fenway Park Monday night, where he received a standing ovation prior to his first at bat in the A's 6-0 win over the Red Sox.

"NO-MAR", was once the beloved son among Red Sox fans, which has always fueled the thought that he would someday love to finish his career with the Red Sox.

"The minute I put that uniform on, I dreamed I was going to start my career in Boston and end my career in Boston, I still have that dream. The only difference is that I wasn't supposed to put another uniform on. But that dream is still there."

Garciaparra, 35, played with the Red Sox for 10 years (1994-2004) until he was dealt to the Cubs on the July 31 deadline in 2004. Following a brief stint with the Cubs Garciaparra played three seasons with the Dodgers, and ultimately he signed a one-year deal with the A's in 2009.

It remains to be seen what the future will hold for Garciaparra, but odds are it's not going to be in Boston.

One of the primary reasons Garciaparra left Boston was GM Theo Epstein stressed on base percentage and solid defense, both of which Garciaparra lacks at this point in his career.

Garciaparra has always been a class act, and it was very gracious of the Red Sox fans to express their gratitude for him. This may be the last time Garciaparra returns to Boston and I imagine it couldn't have gone any better for him.


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