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Marlins miss out on Orioles Sherrill and Red Sox Delcarmen

As we reported last week the Florida Marlins have recently been in search of some relief help , and one of the names on their list was Orioles reliever George Sherrill.

According to, the Marlins and Orioles did have serious discussions about a move that would send Sherrill to the Marlins; however, the deal broke down because the Marlins felt the asking price was too high.

The Orioles were asking for either Double-A first baseman Logan Morrison or Class AA outfielder Mike Stanton, neither of whom the Marlins were willing to give up for Sherrill.

Morrison, is considered by John Sickels of Minor League ball to be the organizations # 2 rated prospect, and Stanton is considered to be the teams # 4 rated prospect. Take a look at Sickels out look on each player.

Logan Morrison, 1B, Grade A-: I think people are underrating his power. In 2009, he'll put everything together, batting average, OBP, and homers.

Mike Stanton, OF, Grade B+: Anyone who likes space race history will love the book comment I wrote about him this year. Could be a superstar, could flail helplessly against Double-A pitching, too soon to rate higher than a B+.

After reading that it's no wonder the Marlins didn't want to part with either guy in exchange for Sherrill. Good no deal by the Marlins.

On another note is also reporting that the Marlins also struck out in their attempt to land Red Sox reliever Manny Delcarmen for Triple-A first baseman Gaby Sanchez. Sanchez is considered by Sickels to be the teams # 12 rated prospect.

Gaby Sanchez, 1B, Grade C+: Borderline B-, but MLEs show him as a .260/.340/.420 hitter, not great for a first baseman. I do like his plate discipline.

As a result, the Marlins settled for Luis Ayala and Brenden Donnolly.

These "potential" deals tell us a lot about what's to come. The pitching market is so bare that teams are going to start asking for outrageous returns. I mean a teams # 2 rated prospect in exchange for George Sherrill? C'mon. However, as we approach the July 31 deadline and more players become available expect the prices to drop considerably. For now it looks like were going to be in a holding pattern for a few more weeks. 


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