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Quick Hits Trade Talk

Adam Dunn: Not going anywhere, according to  acting GM Mike Rizzo, "We're not trading Adam Dunn. That is as definitive as I can be." So why does him name keep getting mentioned?

Money issues could keep the White Sox from any deals at the deadline, reports the Chicago Sun-Times.  Unlike their cross-town rivals, the White Sox have had only four sell-outs this season and three were against the Cubs.After acquiring reliever Tony Pena from the Diamondbacks on Tuesday, it is unlikely they will pursue a marquee player.

Roy Halladay: Trade talk continues to swirl around pitching ace Halladay, in no small part due to remarks made by Blue Jays GM JP Ricciardi to the Canadian Press Tuesday. "If someone wants Roy and they're willing to blow us away , we'd be willing to listen, that's all I'm saying. That doesn't mean we'd trade him, that doesn't mean we're looking to trade him. All it means is we'd be willing to listen."

Baltimore Orioles: Infielder Oscar Salazar and outfielder Felix Pie are on the trading block, according to the Baltimore Sun. Shortstop Cesar Izturis is expected to be activated Friday after a stint on the DL and these two are considered expendable. Both are out of options and would likely be claimed if the Orioles try to send them down.