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Where in the world is Bartolo Colon?

Chicago White Sox pitcher Bartolo Colon is scheduled to make a minor league For start for Triple-A Charlotte on Thursday.

Problem is, the White Sox don't know where he is.

"I know where he is supposed to be right now. He's supposed to be in Charlotte, preparing to start Thursday," White Sox GM Ken Williams said Tuesday, according to the Chicago Tribune. "Efforts to contact his agent have been successful. Their efforts to contact their client have not been so successful."

Colon has been on the disabled list since June 9 with inflammation in his left knee.  The former 2005 Cy Young Award winner was 3-6 with a 4.23 ERA in 11 games this year.

Hopefully we don't have another Vince Young on our hands here.  

If anyone finds Bartolo Colon please call (800) WHERE-R-U.


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