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Fox Sports' Dayn Perry Names Mid-Season Awards

As we head into the All-Star break, Dayn Perry has put out his mid-season achievement awards. These kinds of lists are always up for debate but take a look and weigh in on whether you agree or not:

NL Manager of the Year-Joe Torre-Dodgers          Runner-Up- Bochy-Giants

AL MOTY-Ron Washington-Rangers                     Runner-Up- Wakamatsu-Mariners

NL Rookie of the Year-CF Colby Rasmus             Runner-Up- LHP  Happ-Phillies

AL ROTY-LHP Ricky Romero-Blue Jays               Runner-Up- RHP  Bergeson-Orioles

NL Cy Young- RHP Dan Haren-Diamondbacks    Runner-Up-  Lincecum-Giants

AL Cy Young-RHP Zack Greinke-Royals              Runner-Up-RHP  Halladay-Blue Jays

NL MVP- 1B Albert Pujols-Cardinals                     Runner-Up- 2B  Utley-Phillies

AL MVP- catcher Joe Mauer-Twins                       Runner-Up-OF Ichiro -Mariners