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News & Notes: Yankees, Dodgers, Pirates and The August Waiver Period

The non-waiver trade deadline has passed, but that doesn't stop baseball guru Ken Rosenthal from dishing the dirt. In his latest full count video Rosenthal touches upon a few interesting stories that we didn't see prior to July 31. Have a look at some of the things Rosenthal had to say.


  • Rosenthal spoke with Yankees GM Brian Cashman who said he was heavily involved in everything. According to Cashman he was after high-end starters, low-end starters and relievers.
  • The Yankees were most interested in Mariners starter Jarrod Washburn, but the Mariners wanted Yankees CF prospect Austin Jackson, which the Yankees weren't willing to give up.
  • The Yankees were one of several teams, including the Red Sox, to inquire about Mariners starter Felix Hernandez.
  • As for relievers the Yankees top target was Heath Bell, the Yankees were hoping to land Bell and move him to the set up role, and possibly put either Phil Hughes or Alfredo Aceves back into the rotation.


  • The Dodgers were never close to pulling off the supposed blockbuster with the Padres that would have sent them Heath Bell and Adrian Gonzalez.
  • Rosenthal wonders what the Dodgers would have looked like had they just gotten Bell.
  • As Rosenthal puts it, the Dodgers would have acquired two all-star closers in one day, which certainly would have made their starting rotation much less of an issue. Furthermore, he notes that the Dodger rotation still is an issue. Only two fewer teams are getting less innings pitched out of their starters than the Dodgers.


  • We wont know the returns on the Pirates trades until at least 2012.
  • Early returns on the Jason Bay trade aren't good. The Pirates acquired Craig Hansen, Brandon Moss, Andy LaRoche and a minor league pitcher name Brian Morris. None have been serious contributors to the major league club.
  • The Rays were also after Jason Bay, and might have offered a superior package.
  • Rosenthal believes that the Rays would have probably parted with either Edwin Jackson or Jason Hammel in a package for Bay, both Jackson and Hammel were later traded from the Rays.

August Waiver Period:

  • Rosenthal says relievers and hitters will be in abundance during the August waiver period.
  • However, the market for quality starting pitchers will be very weak.
  • The best starting pitcher who might be available could be Diamondbacks left-hander Doug Davis
  • Davis likely will clear waivers, and Rosenthal believes the team needs to be realistic about what they expect in return, because it's unlikely the D-Backs will offer him arbitration.
  • Rosenthal says there was very little action on Davis in July. Rosenthal noted to a D-Backs official that the offers likely wont be any better in August, and the official replied, "They can't be much worse."