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Teams Are Interested in John Smoltz

     The season does not have to be over for John Smoltz, if he doesn't want it to be, according to ESPN's Buster Olney. Olney can confirm from his major league sources that the Rangers and several NL teams are interested in Smoltz. The Dodgers, Astros, Cubs and Brewers are all teams short on pitching. While Smoltz could decide to call it a career and not put himself out there for nothing, there are still some races out there where he could contribute if the price is right for them. According to Olney, the Red Sox would like to send him to the minors to have him transition to relief work, as well as restructuring a clause in his contract that pays him $35,000 for every game he is on the major league roster, in addition to his base salary. It would most likely take the Red Sox kicking in money for one of these teams to take a chance oh him. There is also the possibility that that they could wait for him to be released and try to pick him up for next to nothing.

  It would seem that the Rangers would be at a disadvantage in making a deal for Smoltz because the Red Sox now find themselves fighting for the wild card with the Rangers.  While Smoltz's ERA this season is over 8.00, his experience both on and off the field could be a valuable addition to any clubhouse going into the final weeks of a playoff push.