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Dodgers Interested in Vicente Padilla?

The LA Times is reporting  that the Dodgers may be interested in Rangers former All-Star pitcher who was DFAed last week for bad behavior, as much as anything else. Padilla was 8-6 this season in 18 starts and had won at least 14 games in two out of the last four seasons. However, he was disrespectful to management, often not showing up or being late to team meeting and other events and having a propensity to throw at opposing team's hitters, which angered teammates who were getting thrown at in retaliation.

Torre said he doesn't think a player with Padilla's reputation would cause problems in the Dodgers' clubhouse.

"When you have a solid group of people, stuff like that doesn't bother me," he said.

  Torre is battle-tested, God knows, after his years with the Yankees and if anyone can handle an insolent player like Padilla, it's him.