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Hank Aaron on "the asterisk"

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  I am starting to feel like a day cannot go by without steroids creeping into the baseball conversation somehow.  Yesterday, it was Bronson Arroyo expressing his arrogant attitudes about his lifelong usage and not caring what the tests might show. Today,  Tom Haudricourt at Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal reports on remarks made by Hall of Famer Henry Aaron on the subject of steroid users and what should be done about their eligibility for the Hall. While he acknowledges that Barry Bonds hit more home runs than he did,

"He got more home runs than I got and he legitimately should be the home run champ."

 he reassess the comments he made at the Hall of Fame Induction ceremony that took place last month in Cooperstown. Orignially, he said he felt the players known to be users should have an asterisk next to their names. He now acknowledges the difficulty, if not fairness, of this policy.

"How are you going to say it?" said Aaron. " 'This guy had 500 home runs, but 400 came because he took steroids.' I don't know how you can prove that.

"The only person who can prove that is God. And I don't think anybody on this earth is God."

      So, how will this issue play out? When we will see resolution and put this controversy in the past? It's an issue that is not going away. We've already seen Mark MacGwire shunned by the voters in his quest to be voted into the Hall (he received 24%) When it is time for Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and the like, will the steroid era be addressed by  the sportswriters and them alone?