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Stephen Strasburg Update

Jon Heyman of is reporting that the Nationals' offer to first round draft pick Stephen Strasburg was in the ballpark of 12.5 million dollars. That seems a little low considering what Strasburg did last season with the Aztecs. While he has yet to throw a major league pitch, Strasburg owned an impressive 1.32 ERA with a 13-1 record. Not to mention his ability to throw an 100 mph fastball.

The record contract for an amateur pitcher was for 10.5 million dollars, which was given to Mark Prior in 2001. That was after Prior went 15-1 with a 1.70 ERA and struck out 202 batters in 138 innings. Strasburg pitched in just 109 innings, but struck out 195, strikingly similar to Prior when he was with USC.

One could argue that the Nationals offer is fair, but the fact of the matter is the Nationals are in dire need of pitching and in need of someone who could put fans in seats. Despite being 21 years old, Strasburg might be the only player that could do that for them. After the low ball offer and just 9 hours from the deadline, the Nationals new offer should be around 20 million dollars.