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Quick Hits for a Sunday

-Matt Holliday has hit .606 since joining the Cardinals and has hit in nine straight games.

-The Brewers are 0-6-2 in their last eight series. They did not win a series in July.

-The Cubs hit 36 home runs in July, leading the NL.

-The Reds have given up at least one run in the first inning 92 times, leading the majors for this dubious distinction.

-Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 622nd home run Saturday. He has hit them off 400 different pitchers in his career.

Today's Bests and Worsts


Best Team Batting Average: Los Angeles Angels-.288    

Worst: Kansas City Royals-.251

Best Team Pitching-.Seatlle Mariners-3.92 ERA                          

Worst:  Cleveland Indians-5.23 ERA


Best Batting Average-Los Angeles Dodgers-.276           

Worst: San Diego Padres-.235

Best Piching-San Francisco Giants-3.51 ERA                          

Worst: Washington Nationals-5.03 ERA