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Bengie Molina wants two-year extension

Impending free agent Bengie Molina is hoping the Giants will offer him a two-year extension, the San Jose Mercury News is reporting. While Molina's offensive numbers are not as impressive as they have been in years past, the work he has done with the pitching staff cannot go unnoticed. 

"Without question he gets credit," Bochy said. "Timmy's not easy to catch. He's got movement, he throws a lot of pitches in the dirt and he's got confidence throwing those with Bengie behind the plate.

Molina doesn't walk much, walking only 10 times this season. He has struck out 52 times, one short of his career high. Molina has a very aggressive approach at the plate, but BABIP hovers at disappointing .266. He is hitting just .234 with runners in scoring position this season, putting his true productivity into question.

2009 - Bengie Molina 106 401 37 104 22 1 15 63 10 52 0 0 .259 .277 .431

Molina has worked wonders with the Giants' young pitching staff. Not only do Giants pitchers lead the league in ERA, complete games, shutouts, and least amount of earned runs surrendered, but two Giants starters - Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum - are in the top 5 for ERA, innings pitched, and complete games. Credit the two promising young pitchers, but some of that credit goes to their veteran catcher.

"They're focused and they have a good relationship, a good feel for each other. Bengie helps them become the pitchers that they are."

Signing Molina for two years makes sense for both sides. Molina could be relatively productive while continuing his work with the young pitchers as well as top prospect Buster Posey, who is hitting .319 in 26 games for Triple-A Fresno with 4 home runs, 18 runs, and 7 stolen bases.