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Papelbon, Delcarmen speak out on Wagner

While Billy Wagner appears more than willing to join the Boston Red Sox, some of the Sox key players are not so thrilled about the possibility of the late season addition. 

"Is he ready to pitch or is he not?" closer Jonathan Papelbon said. "I think our bullpen is good where we're at right now. Don't get me wrong. But I guess you could always make it better."

Wagner has pitched an inning this season, striking out two. In the first strike out he got the hitter to go high and outside on a fastball, while the second strike out was a slider that broke towards his toes -- vintage Wagner. 

Nevertheless, some Red Sox players do not want to deviate from what has been a solid run so far.
"I think our bullpen is fine right now," reliever Manny Delcarmen said. "If [Wagner] comes and helps us win, that's what we want. But sometimes, shaking things up this late might work out different. We'll see what happens."
I wouldn't be surprised to see the Mets hold off on trading Wagner. Let him pitch in the final month of the season to build up his trade value for an offseason trade. Several teams are interested in Wagner but do not have the room to add him at this time.