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Marlon Byrd likely to leave via free agency

The Rangers' crowded outfield situation has not changed in anyway over the course of the season, which could mean the end for impending free agent Marlon Byrd in Texas. 

The team controls the contracts of Josh Hamilton, Nelson Cruz, David Murphy and rookie Julio Borbon. Byrd's situation is different. He's making a little more than $3 million this year, which is a lot for a team that's watching every dollar. 

Byrd is hitting .283 with 15 home runs and a .325 on-base percentage, 15 points below his career average. He is striking out more and walking less, but both home runs and RBIs are up. 

Byrd will likely command 6-8 million dollars annually. The Giants would be a good fit for Byrd. The corner outfield spots are definitely up for grabs, and the Giants probably can't afford a huge contract. Taking a low cost chance on Byrd could really pay off for them.