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Red Sox release Brad Penny

The Boston Herald is reporting that Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny asked for his release and was granted. Penny, who signed a one year deal worth 5 million dollars this offseason, was 7-8 with the Red Sox. However, in his final 11 starts, he had a 5.86 ERA and just one win.

"I had some bad breaks and made some bad pitches. But I'm healthy, and that's what I'm happy about. This isn't last year, when I was hurt. If that had been the case, I'd be upset."

It doesn't seem like there was any bad blood between Penny and the Red Sox, which is why they have such an easy time luring veterans up to Boston. 

"I enjoyed playing with all of the guys. I played for a great manager on a great team. I had a great time. I enjoyed it. I wish things had worked out better, but that happens," Penny told theHerald.

Penny would like to sign on with a contender, so the Rockies or Giants could be fits there. 

Update - Twins interested?

The Star-Tribune's Joe Christensen reports that the Twins, in dire need of pitching, may claim Penny off release waivers and absorb the 5 million on his contract. 

The Twins are among the teams interested in Red Sox pitcher Brad Penny and would consider claiming him off release waivers instead of waiting for him to become a free agent, major league officials told the Star Tribune today.

The Twins are only 4.5 games out, so adding a pitcher for one final push is not a bad idea. But instead of Penny, why not Rich Harden? Harden is having a stellar second half and will likely be a Type-A free agent.