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Phillies, Red Sox Biggest Deadline Winners

The Philadelphia Phillies and Boston Red Sox were the big winners during the non-waiver trading period, both on the field, and in Vegas, this according to Erik Matuszewski of Bloomberg.

Both teams acquired all-star talent, as the Phillies bulked up their rotation with the addition of former Cy Young Award winner Cliff Lee, and the Red Sox further solidified their lineup with the addition of C/1B Victor Martinez.

The fine folks in Vegas certainly took notice as both teams chances to win a World Series greatly improved following their deadline deals.

Prior to their acquisition of Lee, the Phillies had 8-1 odds at winning the fall classic, but after Lee their odds improved to 6-1. Furthermore, the Red Sox pre deadline odds were 9-2, but after the addition of Martinez they vaulted to 4-1 odds.

Now neither team was able to grab to top spot, which is still currently held by the Yankees at 3-1, but there's no denying that Vegas took notice of both the Red Sox and Phillies recent moves.

Here's a look at all of the rest of the odds to win the World Series.

Team World Series Odds


New York Yankees 3-1

Boston Red Sox 4-1

Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1

Philadelphia Phillies 6-1

Los Angeles Angels 8-1

St. Louis Cardinals 8-1

Chicago Cubs 9-1

Detroit Tigers 12-1

Tampa Bay Rays 20-1

Colorado Rockies 28-1

Minnesota Twins 33-1

San Francisco Giants 33-1

Atlanta Braves 35-1

Chicago White Sox 45-1

Milwaukee Brewers 50-1

Texas Rangers 65-1

Florida Marlins 70-1

Houston Astros 125-1

Seattle Mariners 250-1

New York Mets 300-1

Cincinnati Reds 750-1

Toronto Blue Jays 1,000-1

Arizona Diamondbacks 5,000-1

Cleveland Indians 10,000-1

Oakland Athletics 10,000-1

Baltimore Orioles 10,000-1

San Diego Padres 10,000-1

Washington Nationals 10,000-1

Kansas City Royals 10,000-1

Pittsburgh Pirates 10,000-1