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How does Halladay Really Feel about Staying Put?

The feeling in this space is that perhaps Jays ace Roy Halladay has taken his personal vow of silence so that he doesn't have to throw his GM under the bus of public outrage. It seemed in the latter stages of the campaign, J.P. Ricciardi burned more bridges than General William Tecumseh Sherman on his Civil War march through Georgia. Halladay is not good at lying and since he knows true details of the 26-day negotiations that could possibly do damage to someone in the Jays' organization, maybe he just doesn't want to talk about them. Like in Ricciardi's disputed and rancorous dealings with Rangers' GM Jon Daniels and president Nolan Ryan. -- Toronto Star

To make a story of this Toronto Star blurb could only happen on a slow news day but it is true that we haven't heard a peep from Halladay since the deadline passed and he remained a Blue Jay.  While he had asked for a trade, GM Ricciardi had a job to do and he wasn't kidding when he said the deal wouldn't get done unless he was blown away by an offer.  Neither Halladay nor Ricciardi owes anyone an explanation but the circus-like atmosphere that surrounded all the trade speculation for two weeks leading up to the deadline sure was annoying and ultimately, all for naught.