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Who Could Get Traded In August?

Jerry Crasnick of makes a list of some of the players who might get traded in August. Since the trade deadline has already passed these players have to go through waivers before they are traded. If a player gets claimed then the team that claimed him has 48 hours to work out a trade before he must be taken back off waivers. But if nobody claims a player (and they might not because they risk having to take on his full contract) that player can be traded to any team. Here's the list:

1. Jon Garland and Doug Davis - Crasnick says that neither has generated much interest but could still be traded if a team needs starting pitching as neither requires a long-term commitment (both are free agents after this year).

2. Heath Bell - Bell would get claimed by an NL team but he could still be traded to them if the Padres could work out a suitable deal. It's still unlikely that he gets dealt becasue the Padres' asking price has been high.

3. Lyle Overbay - Another unlikely trade candidate, Overbay is still owed $7 million in 2010. However, he has been a good fielder and has a .256/.374/.470 line so if a team needs a solid first base upgrade they could try to make a move.

4. Justin Duchscherer - Duchscherer is still rehabbing in the minors but if he shows he can pitch in the majors soon he could find his way into a trade. Duchscherer could start and come out of the bullpen and will most likely be a Type B free agent after this season.

5. "A professional bat" - Crasnick speculates that players like Kevin Millar, Nomar Garciaparra, and Jason Giambi could be traded to contenders similar to how Matt Stairs was traded to the Phillies in August last year.

6. "A versitale utility man" - Some more trade possibilities are guys who can play mulitiple positions like David Eckstein, Jamey Carroll, and Mark Teahen.

7. Carl Pavano - Pavano's 5.37 ERA is high but he has a stellar 3.83 K/BB ratio, good for a 4.26 FIP. He'll only make slightly more than $1 million for the rest of this year so he could be traded to fill in the back of some contender's rotation.

8. Red's relievers - Arthur Rhodes and David Weathers could be complementary parts to some team's bullpen and neither is making much money this year. However, the fact that the Reds traded for Scott Rolen at the trade deadline complicates matters.

9. Miguel Batista - Batista is still owed $3 million this season and hasn't been very good, but if the Mariners pick up most of his salary he might still get traded for a marginal prospect as the M's try to rebuild.