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Quick Hits: Pitchers

-Billy Wagner could be on a contender in September. As the former closer nears a return to the majors following Tommy John elbow surgery, a Mets insider suggested the organization would be open to dealing Wagner by the Aug. 31 postseason-roster deadline if the club fades further from contention.

New York Daily News

-Jake Peavy could make his first minor league rehabilitation start for the White Sox as soon as Thursday. Pitching coach Don Cooper said Thursday morning that Peavy will need at least three rehabilitation starts. With four days between each start, that would make him ready for a major league game Aug. 28 at the earliest, which would be the opener of a three-game set at Yankee Stadium.

Chicago Tribune

-Is John Smoltz looking at retirement?  After Thursday night's poor showing, giving up eight runs in 3 1/3 innings to the Yankees,giving them their first win against the Red Sox this season,  he had this to say,

"I'm pretty humbled right now with the way things have gone," "I don't like you to use the word 'embarrassed.' But I have a lot of pride and certainly don't like letting somebody down."

He is 2-5 this season for the Red Sox with an 8.33 ERA and at age 42, inevitably nearing the end of a stellar career.

Newark Star-Ledger

- Life's not fair and neither is baseball. The Phillies are finding themselves with an embarrassment of riches as they ponder who to keep and who to move out of their starting rotation. Rookie lefty JA Happ made a case for himself Wednesday night throwing a complete-game four-hit shuout against the Rockies.

"I think his whole progression has convinced everybody he should stay in the rotation," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said before today’s last of a three-game series against Colorado at Citizens Bank Park. "Happ deserves to stay in the rotation."

So then, who is the odd man out? Is it Pedro Martinez or Jamie Moyer?  Amaro Jr. says the decision has not been made yet and would not rule out the possibility of a six-man rotation.