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Matt Holliday or not, the Cardinals need another power hitter

Cardinals left fielder Matt Holliday is set to be one of the most sought after free agents this offseason. Holliday, like most players, chooses not to talk about his future status until the season is over.

"I owe it to everyone in here to focus on winning every game," Holliday says. "I'm not going to change that. The rest will take care of itself.

Holliday certainly has done the job the Cardinals were hoping he would, hitting an impressive .370 with 12 home runs in 46 games. Holliday has no reason to complain, playing for one of the best managers in recent history batting behind the best hitter in recent history.

"These guys have made it comfortable for me. I love playing here. Who wouldn't? It's nice playing in meaningful games again."

Pujols was pitched around a large part of the time before Holliday was acquired, walking 74 times in 98 games. He has now walked just 31 times, which Pujols has taken full advantage of by posting up some of the best numbers of his already impressive career.

2009 - Albert Pujols 143 504 119 166 38 1 47 125 106 60 14 4 .329 .449 .688

The Cardinals are going to have a tough time convincing Holliday to stay, who will likely seek a five to seven year deal worth 15-16 million dollars annually. The Cardinals might not be able to afford that, but should everything they can to land a hitter with a big enough bat to protect Pujols.

In a perfect world, Holliday would resign keeping the Cardinals dangerous lineup intact. But if he moves to greener pastures, like New York or Boston, the Cardinals are going to need a Plan B.