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Jason Marquis wants to play for Mets?

Despite in the midst of clinching a playoff berth, Rockies pitcher Jason Marquis told his friend and Mets outfielder Jeff Francoeur that he would love to play in New York next season. Marquis, who has tied his career high 15 wins, is a New York native set to be a free agent after the three year deal he signed back in 2007 expires. 

He'd be a great fit. He's from Staten Island. He's a New York type of guy. He'll probably be coming off the best season he's ever had."

The Mets had the opportunity to acquire Jason Marquis last offseason, but chose to pass, allowing the Rockies to make a move. 

Marquis is competitive by nature, and takes all aspects of the game seriously, including hitting. Marquis style would fit nicely in the spacious Mets stadium, but can the Mets afford him?

The Mets are having serious financial woes, and are going to have to decide if they want to add a premier hitter or go with more pitching depth. If it were up to Francoeur, he'd go with the Braves' philosophy. 

"Everybody talks about bats, bats, bats," Francoeur said. "But I've seen this game enough, and I grew up a Braves fan, that pitching wins baseball games.

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