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Tuesday Morning Links

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A handful of links for you guys this morning. Enjoy:

  • In the hours after the Astros fired Cecil Cooper, someone tossed around the idea of making a blockbuster move: bringing in a former Astro to appease Astros fans, frustrated with recent front office moves. Names like Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, and even Dodgers catcher Brad Ausmus were tossed around. The Astros need a familiar face, an experienced coach or manager, if they want to start to turn things around. 
  • The White Sox may try to unload first baseman Paul Konerko this offseason. Konerko has a full no-trade clause, but said he would be willing to waive it for the right deal. Konerko is hitting .281 this season with 27 home runs, and a team in need of a DH or first baseman would benefit from those kind of numbers. Konerko will make 12 million dollars in 2010, so the White Sox would have to absorb some of that if they want to entice a team like the Athletics. The Orioles, Pirates, and Mets are also options. 
  • Diamondbacks catcher Chris Snyder will undergo back surgery Wednesday, but is expected to be ready for Spring Training. There was some speculation that the Dbacks would try to move Snyder this offseason to make way for Miguel Montero, who is hitting an impressive .295 with 14 home runs. They will likely have to wait now.
  • Gary Sheffield is coming back for one more year, and is going to spend this offseason getting in the best shape of his recent career. He hopes to play in at least 150 games. If the Mets don't resign him, then he hopes to hear from the Marlins, Rays, Astros, or Rangers. I'm sure he'd bite at any other opportunity that came his way.
  • Twins third baseman Joe Crede is set to undergo his third back surgery, another frustrating bump in the road for him. Crede wants to continue playing, hopefully for the Twins next season, but doesn't seem to open to more back surgeries beyond his upcoming one. Crede hit .255 with 15 homeruns, but could he nearing the end of his career if he can't stay healthy?