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Long-term deals to consider?

Here are some guys who may be looking to sign some long-term deals this winter:


  • The SF Chronicle is reporting that Giants ace Tim Lincecum is open to a long-term deal, which he willing to discuss this offseason. Linceum is not eligible for free agency until 2012, but with arbitration his contract is expected to skyrocket. It wouldn't make sense for the Giants to trade Lincecum, but how much will they throw at Linceum and for how long?
  • The longer Joe Mauer is not locked up, the worse it is for the Twins. Mauer is being targeted by several teams, which includes the Yankees and Red Sox. Who knows, both the Dodgers and Cubs' catchers have taken a step back if they continue to regress, they could join the fray too. The Pioneer Press suggests a seven year deal in the range of 120 million dollars, but Mauer could easily get more on the open market.
  • The Cardinals plan to approach Albert Pujols about a contract extension this offseason past 2011, when his current contract expires. Pujols is currently making 16 million dollars, but is certainly in line for a raise. How much could he get? Is he in line for the biggest contract in history? I'd say he is very close.