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Brewers make pitching a priority

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Brewers owner Mark Attanasio said that pitching is a priority for the Brewers this offseason, and is giving GM Doug Melvin some flexibility to make a move.

"Doug has to decide based on how much capital is available," Attanasio said. "He looks at how much money is available, the guys whose contracts are coming off, the guys he might be able to trade. He can get pitching through trades or free agents."

Pitching is scarce this offseason due to the weak free agent market, which could make teams more reluctant to trade pitching. Attanasio didn't rule out trading Prince Fielder, who is hitting a career best .297 with 43 home runs this season.

2009 - Prince Fielder 156 569 99 169 35 3 43 137 102 134 2 3 .297 .406 .596

The Giants seem like a very logical destination for Fielder. The Giants have the pitching that could entice the Brewers, who are looking for a legitimate number two starter behind Yovani Gallardo. Matt Cain's name has been mentioned, but he is under contract through the 2011 season, while Fielder will be a free agent after next season. 

The Brewers could attempt to move Prince Fielder to the Indians for Grady Sizemore, among others. The Brewers could look to acquire young pitchers Carlos Carrasco or Aaron Laffey, or attempt to snag a package of young pitchers from the Indians' minor league system.

The Indians would land an impact power hitter, who they could always move at the trade deadline in 2010 if they cannot sign him long-term (similar to what the Braves did with Mark Teixeira).  

Another possibility would be to contact the Blue Jays about trading Prince Fielder for Roy Halladay. Who would benefit more from this trade?