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Royals to retain Trey Hillman

After signing a four year extension to remain with the Royals, GM Dayton Moore gave manager Trey Hillman a vote of confidence, despite the Royals struggles this season.

"Yes, Trey will be back," Moore told the KC Star. "I think Trey has done an exceptional job under the circumstances. I think it's important that Trey gets the opportunity to see this thing through."

Hillman is 126-169 in his time with the Royals. They currently have the worst record in the American League, in large part to some key injuries on the field.

"I know things would have been drastically different if we would have stayed healthy, and I don’t think it’s fair to completely judge Trey’s performance based on what’s happened with the lack of wins with our major-league team."

However, the team has failed to score runs and has played even worse in the field, which could lead to a change in a coaching staff this offseason.