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Aroldis Chapman race heating up

Happy New Year to everyone!

Free agent left hander Aroldis Chapman is reportedly drawing increased interest from the Blue Jays and Angels, according to

Chapman is already drawing increased interest from the A's and Mariners, with the Red Sox, Marlins, and Yankees already interested. The Red Sox and Marlins both presented Chapman with a five year offer in the range of 15-20 million dollars.

The Angels believe they may have an inside track on Chapman because of his close ties to Angels first baseman and fellow Cuban defector Kendry Morales.

"Selfishly, we're a nice fit. It's hard to come over here, and Kendry gives him some idea of the pitfalls of the adjustment," scouting director Eddie Bane told "It's a fit, but who knows? It depends on the price."

As long as Chapman begins working out, he can wait all the way up to spring training to sign. However, he would be smart to sign early so he can begin to workout and be monitored by his respective teams officials.