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Giants sign Aubrey Huff

CBS 5 in San Francisco is reporting that the Giants have come to terms with free agent utility player Aubrey Huff on a one year deal worth 3 million dollars. Huff's primary position is first base, but he can adequately play third base and the corner outfield. 

Huff, 33, struggled last season between Baltimore and Detroit, hitting .241 with 15 home runs, but is a career .282 hitter. 

The addition of Huff means that Mark DeRosa will now rotate between third base and left field, with Pablo Sandoval splitting time between third and first with Huff. It may sound clogged, but giving these versatile players will allow Bruce Bochy to get creative with lineups, improving their chances of reaching the playoffs in 2010. 

With Huff off the market, the likelihood of Adam LaRoche returning to Atlanta increases.