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Cubs interested in Jermaine Dye

Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Cubs have interest in free agent Jermaine Dye. Interesting, considering their outfield is set with Alfonso Soriano, Marlon Byrd, and Kosuke Fukudome; however, Dye has said he would play first base to increase his value and appeal to NL clubs.

Dye, 36, could serve as a platoon player with Soriano and Fukudome, while giving Derek Lee an occasional day off when needed. Dye does not have much experience in a pinch-hit role, posting only 25 career at-bats as a pinch hitter (.320 average).

The team is still monitoring Reed Johnson's market, and likely would bring him back over Dye if he chooses to do so.

Assistant GM Randy Bush said Johnson "wants to make sure he exhausts the possibilities that include significant playing time. We love Reed. We'd love to have him back. We'll see how it plays out."

 One NL source believes the Cubs' interest is sincere, but can't see the team offering more than a one year deal in the range of 4-5 million dollars.