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Russell Branyan an option for White Sox?

Free agent first baseman Russell Branyan is still on the market with no clear suitors. With pitchers and catchers reporting in just three weeks, a signing would appear imminent. 

The White Sox have a future 1B/DH in prospect Tyler Flowers, but after his appearance in the majors last season, he is still a year away from making an impact. Adding a left-handed power hitter on a short-term deal would improve the White Sox chances of making the playoffs in 2010 and allow Flowers to take his time maturing at Triple-A.

Branyan and the Mariners broke off communications when the Mariners acquired Casey Kotchman, the other options like Atlanta or Detroit have been exhausted. The White Sox have Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones, but both could be more affective coming from the bench. 

Branyan is believed to be seeking an annual salary between 5-7 million dollars. If the White Sox were to add him, he could be used as a trade chip at the deadline for prospects, something the White Sox are thin on after trades for Jake Peavy and Juan Pierre

Some other options for Branyan include the Orioles and Mets, but both teams are talking with Carlos Delgado