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Yankees offer 2M to Johnny Damon?

Kevin Davidoff of Newsday is reporting that the Yankees have made a one year offer to Johnny Damon worth 2 million dollars. Damon's options keep getting smaller and smaller as we inch closer to Spring Training, giving the Yankees a slight advantage in negotiations. 

Yet, one AL source believes the Yankees and Damon are a match, and are working the logistics of a deal. Damon obviously wants more money, but if no one is willing to offer him a contract besides the Yankees, he must find a way to improve his value. 

One executive believes Damon is making one final lap to all interested parties in hopes of pinning the Yankees against another team. It failed the first time with the Tigers... and the Braves

Damon hit .282 with 24 home runs in 143 games for the Yankees last season, not to mention a .281 postseason average. He spoke out frequently about his desire to remain in New York, and stepped up for the Yankees by posting a .290 average after the All-Star break. 

A one year deal worth 2-4 million dollars, which includes a vesting mutual option, seems very reasonable for a 36-year old outfielder, especially with the way the market has changed in recent years.