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Hectic Friday Recap

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  • The Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting that the Reds offered Jonny Gomes a minor league contract. They also have interest in Orlando Cabrera, who has played fairly well over the past two seasons.
  • Larry Stone of the Seattle Times is reporting that the Mariners have signed outfielder Eric Byrnes. He'll make for a solid reserve outfielder if he can stay healthy. 
  • The Mets signed infielder Fernando Tatis to a one-year contract.
  • The Oakland A's locked up one of their top relievers to a possible three year extension. Michael Wuertz will receive 5.25 million dollars over the next two years, with the team holding a 3.5 million dollar club option on him for 2012.
  • The Cardinals and Rockies are believed to be eyeing free agent second baseman Felipe Lopez. The Cubs were interested earlier in the offseason, but there interest has waned since signing Xavier Nady.
  • Free agent Mark Prior, who hasn't pitched in the majors since 2006, has started throwing off the mound. He should be ready to go sometime next year... (insert sarcasm)
  • The Nationals signed starter Miguel Batista to man the back of their rotation. Another solid signing for what the Nationals are working with.
  • Free agent Orlando Hudson is looking for 9 million dollars to sign with the Nationals, according to's Bill Ladson. 
  • FOX SPORTS reports that the Tigers and Justin Verlander are discussing a five year, 75 million dollar extension. 
  • 16-year old prospect Duanel Jones, who 1.3 million dollar contract was voided by the Giants after a failed drug test, has received a 50-game suspension from MLB. Once he signs with a team, the suspension will take effect. 
  • Jim Edmonds signs with the Brewers, his third NL Central team in his career.